30 January 2012

Metal zipper necklace

Although after searching the internet, I found that this idea has already occured to other people, I'm still quite proud that I came up with it by myself. I had kept a zipper pull tab from one of my old vests for a very long time because I loved its simple shape, but had no clue what to do with it. Then, while sorting out some craft supplies, I found a metal zipper that I cut from a bag with some intention of using it in the future. That's when the idea occured to me to remove and replace the zipper pull tab, and turn the zipper into a necklace.
First, I trimmed the excess fabric on either side of the teeth as much as possible. Then, I removed the existing pull tab by removing the stop on top of the zipper...I tried to fit the new pull tab this way but after a lot of struggle, I removed the bottom stop and fixed it that way. (Does that make sense?)
I folded a scrap piece of fabric and hot-glued it to to the ends of the zipper. Since the zipper is long, I didn't need a clasp.

29 January 2012

Treble clef pendant

For the longest time, I waited to buy a musical pendant from a store, until I realized (a few days ago) that I could make it myself! I used some soft wire I had lying around (clueless about its properties), shaped it with pliers and then flattened it with a hammer. Hooked it to an old chain with a jump ring and have been wearing it several days in a row. So pleased!! :)

24 January 2012

(Re)Fresh Start

I've decided to restart this blog after a long hiatus. I hope to increase my crafting activities this year on...it's been a while. To kick things off, here are some photos of flowers I made using a tutorial from martha stewart's website: ultrasuede petals. I don't have any ultrasuede, so I've recycled one of those cloth-like bags that some shops use.

The 5-petal flowers will be left as individual pieces; the 4-petal ones will be stacked like in the photo above. I'm undecided on embellishments because they are cute even without them.