22 July 2012

Repurposed - Oven mitt

A while ago, someone gifted us something I didn't quite understand. What was it? A table runner? Too short. A wall hanging? But it's two-sided. Completely perplexed, I turned to the internet....and found out that it was some thing called a garden flag. okay...I didn't really have much use for it, so let it add to my stash because it's cute, right?
Fast forward, possibly more than a year later, I recently got myself a cooking range, with a built-in oven, woohoo!! I've never baked before that, but I love it now! Okay, so I haven't tried baking cakes yet, but I hope to get there someday :). right, back to this garden flag. It occured to me that since this already had a layer of fleece in it, and was also made of cotton, I could totally turn it into an oven mitt! Perfect!!
I was inspired by Prudent Baby's oven mitt tutorial right here, but a bit lazy to follow it, so I just made up a pattern and carried on.
Here's the finished product: quick and easy! Well, except for a couple of corners...

And I also made some kinda-large kinda-coasters out of leftovers :)

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