18 August 2012

Come On Baby And Rescue My Bag!

Ah! After another long pause, I'm back! 
Sometime last year, I had bought what I thought was a real cute bag, smart-looking yet casual and small. Well, I guess I loved it too much. Check out what happened to it:
 Yeah. I know.

So anyway, I left it to collect dust for about a year since I couldn't bear to let it go. And then one day,
an unused dress gave me an idea. Look at it! Such a wicked print! But unfortunately, it never got worn because it was made from some bizarre-synthetic-itchy-something-unbreathable fabric. Bad news for me, yet I couldn't let it go either. Enter scissors. Enter fabric glue (bless!).

 It was time to combine the two into something new! (Rhyme-time or what!)

 Cut and paste to the best (fastest, rather) of my ability....

 Work in progress, people!

 Almost there!

Completed!!!! Does that look good or what!? So chuffed!
Have you got any bags to rescue? 

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