17 November 2012

Easier-than-ever-to-sew maxi-skirt!

So you read the title and think 2 things: 
1) "So many hyphens!"
2) "A maxi skirt is already easy to sew, so what's she talking about?"

So I say,
1) "Hyphens forever!"
2) "By using a wrap-around skirt!!"

Presenting Exhibit 'A'
Is she gonna perform a magic trick? Disappearing act?
Is she wearing any pants??
This, my friend, is a wrap-around skirt from circa 1999...(oh 90s trends how I love-hate thee). To make a short story short, fab print, lousy functionality. Still, I wore a few of them back then.

So you say: "Now what?"
So I say: "Sew the 2 vertical open ends together - don't have to worry about finishing the seams since it's already done!"

Pin &sew
I keep talking: "Then you'll have a cylinder, so fold and sew down the waistband (accommodating the width of elastic you need to use and leaving an opening to insert the same). Insert elastic."

Elastic ready to go!
I continue: "Sew close elastic opening and wear immediately."
So then you say "That's cool!"

Hey wasn't there a different watch in the first pic?
And I say: "That's a wrap!" Get it???Get it???
Adieu till my next blog :D

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