8 November 2015

DIY Galaxy Print Watch Strap

 About TIME I put up another post!!!

See that watch below? It's one of my favourites (i love watches!!!) The row of stars you see is actually the seconds hand, so it keeps going around the face of the watch! {Insert giddy-kiddy excitement here - I'm clearly a 13-year-old} And obviously I'm never gonna let go of this watch.

It's had 3 strap replacements so far. The original strap was purple, and then i chose white for the replacements. Soon came time to change the strap again,but this time i wanted something different. So with all the galaxy tutorials going around like this and by the way omghaveyouseenthis? , I was inspired to try a new DIY!
The supplies needed are simple. Acrylic paint and brushes of your choice. I used a sponge brush to lay out the black background. I could have used a black strap instead, but since I am lazy already had this, I decided to go with it and was pretty pleased with the final outcome.

Oh and if you can't remove the strap, make sure to mask the parts you don't want paint on!
Mise-en-place, people!

Black base
It's key to use a dry brush for the clouds and use a bouncy (?) stippling effect, check out the first video tutorial I linked to at the start of this post.
Bounce, people, bounce!
The funnest part of course is adding the stars :) spray away to your heart's content (i don't think too much is a bad thing here)!
Are we done here!? Only TIME will tell! :P

Show-off time!! Sidenote: GIFs are the best!!!

I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to seal with some clear varnish, Since using my watch happily the past few days I can see some wear and tear... I don't mind though, I can do a touch-up anyTIME!

Until next TIME!

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