19 January 2014

Cellphone case

I'm someone who really prefers having her hands free.  But I'm also someone who (ideally) needs to be prepared for anything and therefore have everything-on-hand. Somehow at the same time the fashion industry thinks that women have a complete dislike for USEFUL pockets. Thus, one requires a bag of some sort to carry stuff that maybe doesn't really need to be carried around anyway. But sometimes, I'm just hanging out at the bakery outside my house and I feel quite foolish to carry a bag to a place that's 5 steps away from my house. Modern girl troubles, right???

So, this week I decided to make a phone case for myself. If you're wondering why I can't just keep my phone in my pockets, I actually can, but it's really uncomfortable, ok?? Once, I left it in my back pocket, forgot about it, and went for a ride on my bike....Really lucky that it didn't fall out!
Initially, I thought I would find a pattern online, but with me being me, I decided to wing it. It didn't go too badly, fortunately, but I think I'm gonna call this one Prototype A. 

It simply has a pocket which holds the phone, and a little tab which I can hook to my belt loop (though now I have to go find one of those cool mini carabiner thingees. How awesome are those?!) I never stitch neatly but this time made an effort to stitch straight along the edge (looks like I need more practice), plus I will probably use a heavier interfacing next time. I also landed up making the case a bit too snug, but at least I'm sure that my phone will not fall out!

The most frustrating thing now is that I still have to keep it in my pocket till I get the carabiner thingee. An almost futile project!

Till my next idea!

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