9 January 2014

Let's get reacquainted, shall we?

Hello hello hello!

I'd kept away from the blog for a long while due to personal reasons. Now, however, i feel i am ready to get back into crafting and blogging too. For a start I'm writing down what I would like to do this year.

1. Sell some of the stuff i make. For now, it's more likely going to be jewellery due to time and space constraints. I'll probably start with selling online and get to craft fairs much later on. I really have no clue about numbers; how many do i make, etc...so it's something that I will figure out along the way.

2. Sketch more (almost daily?) and try out art journalling. I really admire those who do it, and always makes me wish I could create something that beautiful too.

In terms of personal projects, I would really like to do 1 a week, but I know this isn't always possible because work sometimes eats up a lot of my time. Plus I also like to space out every now and then... :) Anyway, I will probably fare better if I write down my ideas. You know how sometimes when you  have a free time slot come up suddenly, you're either completely  blank or completely overwhelmed about what to do with it? At the very least, a written list will help me when I think that I can't think of anything.

Right, so hopefully I'll be back soon... Have a great year and experiment with crafts or for that matter, anything you like as much as you can! 

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